Ken Yamamoto Technique

ken yamamoto

About Ken Yamamoto Technique

It is a new therapy to suggest the position of the ideal frame of the human body.
Ken Yamamoto found that every pain goes out when he return joint, muscle to the right position. A pain goes out when he adjust an ankle for the pain of the neck. A symptom of the cervical vertebrae hernia went out when he adjusted a finger. It is the cure that can take the pain without touching it in main complaint and a part to do.
Ken Yamamoto improves the symptom of the body of professional athletes of the world by this technique. He undertake the care of the body of an elderly person in its 90s from a primary schoolchild in the general part. He goes all over the world, and patient come again from all over not only the Japan but also the world wide.


  • Required time : 60mins
    Price : AUD $80

  • Required time : 90mins
    Price : AUD $110