Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage

About Pregnancy Massage

As the pregnancy develops the physical body makes necessary changes and adjustments which may as a result cause a number of discomforts.
These discomforts may include, but are not isolated to the following:
– Back pain (especially the lower back).
– Neck pain and tense shoulders.
– Headaches.
– Hip and pelvic pain.
– Swollen feet, ankles and hands.
– Rib pain.
– Swollen veins.
– Skin changes / irritations.
– Expanding of the abdomen.
– Fatigue / exhaustion.
The change of centre of gravity can stress the back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles. While a change of posture can result as the pelvis starts to pull forward and the ligaments that hold the pelvis in place start to relax, (making the pelvis joint less stable). This forward rotation of the pelvis, along with the weight of the baby puts additional strain on the pelvic girdle and hips, and as the curve of the back increases the knees can rotate out putting more strain on the hips and lower back.
During pregnancy the body also creates up to 50% extra blood, so along with the extra weight on the legs this can cause extra pressure on veins as they become engorged, which in turn can cause cramps and for the legs to become very sore.


  • Price : AUD $80
    Required time : 60mins